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Savannah breeze by Mary Kay Andrews, 434 pages, read by Kira, on 03/19/2013

savannah-breeze-mary-kay-andrewsThe book opens with the protagonist B.B. falling for a rich, good-looking man, with a yacht.  They do boring stuff, like hang out on the deck, and he buys her expensive jewelry.  In addition he does listen to her and fix some of her troubles.  Despite this, it was very difficult to see what the attraction was, surely people are Not that shallow, that they only see the gleam of wealth.  The man  turns out to be a con man, and fleeces B.B.,it was difficult to empathize with her.  Then although he steals/defrauds her of $4mill! they cannot follow him into another state, because she signed a Power of Attorney, to him in the middle of the night, and the law won’t go after him, BECAUSE HE IS IN ANOTHER STATE! seriously?

By the end of the book protagonist BB is making life changing to commitments to with another guy Harry, who is physically attracted to her, but that’s all, oh and he is grouchy.

Is all chick lit this bad?  I chose this author because, she was supposed to be funny, I did Not laugh, nor chuckle, maybe it contained this new-fangled cringe-humor.

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