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Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier, 362 pages, read by Angie, on 04/19/2013

I am quickly becoming addicted to this series and really wish book three was out already! Thank goodness it is just a trilogy and I only have to wait for one more book for all my questions to be answered. This is truly a gem of a series and a wonderful import.

Sapphire Blue picks up after the events of Ruby Red. Gwen and Gideon have time traveled a couple of times, been set upon by brigands, met the Count, and started a bit of a romance. This book just ramps things up even more. There are many more time traveling trips. Gwen starts to learn more about the conspiracy and the prophecies surrounding the twelve time travelers. The Count becomes even scarier, mainly because he was nice. We definitely don’t know who to trust at all. And the romance between Gwen and Gideon heats up, cools off, heats up, cools off.

I don’t read a lot of time travel books, mainly because I find them a bit confusing. That still holds for this book, but it is just too much fun to matter. Sure Gwen has a conversation with the Count about a meeting he had the day before and she hasn’t had yet. Sure she meets her grandfather one day and then a few days later, but for him it was years. Not confusing at all right? I love how witty and under-appreciated Gwen is. I think underestimating her is going to be the downfall of the society! Probably the best part of the book is the demon ghost and Gwen’s friend Lesley. They steal the show. If there is one negative thing I can say about the book it is that the romance is even more confusing than the time travel. Gwen is starry eyed over Gideon even when he treats her like crap. One minute they are fighting and the next snogging. Neither can seem to make up their minds about the other and it is a lot of back and forth. Frankly, I am not sure why Gwen likes him most of the time. However, romance aside, this is a fabulous series and I truly can’t wait until Emerald Green comes out.

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