Missouri Book Challenge runs September through August each year.

Monthly Challenges – Each month, the team is challenged to read at least one book on the monthly theme.

September: novels set in Missouri
October: time travel
November: books for animal lovers
December: medieval
January: about art or an artist
February: steampunk
March: about a current issue
April: LGBT
May: titles from the Missouri collection
June: fairies
July: diaries/journals
August: magical realism

Wildcard Challenges:

1. books over 100 years old (copyright, obviously not the actual copy of the book).

2. team members who have worked at the institution for at least 5 years.

3. Books told from an animal’s perspective.


How to win a prize:
Participate in at least 8 of the challenges. One review will be randomly selected from the challenge books each month.

Write at least one review a month. One review will be randomly selected from all those posted each month.


1) No picture books, but audiobooks do count.

2) Must have been read during the month of the challenge.

3) Books owned by MRRL are preferred – if you review a book that we don’t own, please talk to a selector about adding it to our collection. You can review Mobius books, just link to the Mobius catalog.


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