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Rosebush by Michele Jaffe, 326 pages, read by Angie, on 05/26/2012

Jane is one of the most popular girls in school so why would someone try to kill her? That is the question she is asking herself when she wakes up in a hospital bed after being run over. She has no memory of her accident and she suspects everyone. She has to piece together her memories of that night before the killer strikes again.

This is a seat of your pants kind of mystery. It alternates between the present and flashbacks as Jane slowly regains her memory. At one point or another you can pretty much suspect everyone as the killer. Although when the killer is revealed I am not sure the motives were exactly up to par. (view spoiler)

I enjoyed this book. It was a fun mystery. However, it is very teen-centric. The characters are very CW/Gossip Girl. Very concerned about fashion and gossip. And it was a little annoying that Jane seem to fall in love with every boy that came along some even within a couple of hours of each other. I’m not sure I would have been that concerned about romance when my life was in danger. Other than that I liked it.

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