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Revived by Cat Patrick, 336 pages, read by Angie, on 03/06/2013

Daisy has died five times in her short life and he time she has been brought back by the drug Revive. Daisy and the other victims of a tragic bus accident are the test subjects for Revive, an experimental drug. They all died as children and were revived by Revive. They had to leave their homes and change their names but at least they are alive. Daisy was an orphan so she now lives with two agents, Mason and Cassie. They have just moved to Omaha after Daisy’s last death (by bee sting). Daisy becomes friends with Audrey and Matt. She soon finds out that Audrey is dying of cancer and she falls in love with Matt.

She also discovers secrets about the Revive company. Revive is headed by a man called god. The agents are called disciples and the subjects converts. Daisy believes the bus kids are the only subjects of Revive, but what if they aren’t? What if god starts acting erratically? What is god capable of? And what has he done before?

I really like the concept of this book. I find it really interesting to think about a secret drug that can bring people back to life. I like Daisy and her handlers and her friends. You can definitely feel her isolation and loneliness at the beginning of the book. I did have an issue with her revealing the Revive secret to Matt. She has kept this secret for over 10 years. She has moved many times and changed her identity, yet as soon as she falls in love she is ready to spill all her secrets. She is willing to tell Matt all about Revive and her life even though he has a dying sister who can’t be helped by Revive (doesn’t work on cancer). I found that a little far fetched. I also wish the plot at the end with god would have been developed a bit more. Everything seemed a little rushed and not explained. I think the book could have used just a bit more. But it is a fun read and Daisy is a great character (although I really loved Audrey the most).

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