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Retribution (Dark-Hunter #20) by Sherrilyn Kenyon, 448 pages, read by Angie, on 01/23/2012

I am not sure where this book came from, but I really don’t think it was the Dark Hunter Universe. It seems like Kenyon is just trying to pull out all the pantheons now and bring on whatever apocalypses she can even if they don’t really fit into the world she created. Sure we have seen a lot of different pantheons (Greek, Roman, Sumarian, etc.) in the Dark Hunter series, but they all seem to work, maybe because they all come from a relatively small geographical area and could possibly have interacted with each other in theory. The Native American one just doesn’t fit and this storyline just didn’t fit either.

Let’s forget the problems with the new pantheon and apocalypse for a minute and just focus on the love story. It kind of follows the same path as most of Kenyon’s love stories do. Dark Hunter and love interest meet, don’t care for each other and then fall in love. However, in this case the love interest, Abagail has been raised by Appollites and believes that the DH is the one who killed her family. She has been dosed with demon and trained to kill DHs for revenge. She is blinded by rage and revenge, sets off an apocalypse, yet somehow in the space of a day has a complete turn around realizes she has been duped and her memories corrupted and then falls in love with the DH Sundown. Really?? I’m sorry but even for a paranormal romance book that is a stretch. And then there is their one little quickie in the car, in a carwash, surrounded by killer wasps…seriously one of the worst love scenes ever!

There are some decent parts to this book. We get to see some of our regular DH group: Talon and Sin make appearances. And the bonus chapter where Tori and Ash are having their baby is wonderful. But the continuing storyline that had seemed to be building in previous books seems to have been thrown out the window with this one and it does appear that there will be atleast one more book on this theme with Ren. So we will see where it is going but I don’t have high hopes.

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    Thanks for this review, Angie – I’d read a lot of the DH books, but gave up after a while because they seemed sort of forced after a while. Good to know that I’m not missing much… ;)