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Resistance by Carla Jablonski, 128 pages, read by Courtney, on 02/20/2013

Resistance kicks off a trilogy of graphic novels about life in France during the German occupation in World War II. Paul and Marie are a young pair of siblings still trying to make sense of the war and the division of France. They currently live in the “free” part of France and haven’t yet seen much of the war. Things quickly begin to change, however. The Germans have come to town and are beginning to round up civilians. Among those to go are the parents of Paul and Marie’s friend, Henri. Henri manages to escape capture, but is forced to hide out lest the Germans find him. Paul and Marie, who have a father on the front line, are determined to reunite Henri with his parents. Fortunately for them, the resistance is willing to help and Paul, Marie and their older sister Sophie are all willing to do their part to see the resistance succeed.
While I have no real complaints about this graphic novel, I do wish it had been a little more in depth and a little less predictable. The story ties itself up very tidily, yet still leaves the reader to wonder what Paul, Marie and others are going to do next.

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