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Reality Boy by A.S. King, 368 pages, read by Angie, on 02/17/2014

Gerald Faust is The Crapper and has been since he was five and on reality tv show Network Nanny. Gerald’s family was dysfunctional and Gerald had anger issues. Issues that made him poop when he got mad; so he pooped on the dining room table, in his mom’s shoes and in a dressing room at Sears. But the show didn’t show all the family issues like his older sister Tasha who tried to kill him and his other sister numerous times, or how his mom always sided with psychopath Tasha and never believed Gerald or Lisi. The Crapper has followed Gerald throughout his life creating more anger issues and causing him to be put in special ed even though he doesn’t belong there. Gerald has no friends and no future until he finally gets the courage to talk to his crush register number 1 girl (Hannah) at work. Gerald starts opening up to Hannah and discovers he isn’t the only one with a messed up life.

I loved this book. It was raw and real and kind of made me uncomfortable at times. Gerald had a horrible, hidden life that is revealed during flashbacks to the show. Gerald’s story really makes you wonder about everyone who has ever been on a reality show and how messed up their life is because of the notoriety they received. Having your secrets and problems revealed on national television can not be good for you. Gerald and Hannah are equally messed up and you will applaud them when they finally take a stand and demand a better life. This book was fresh and creative and unique and a truly enjoyable read.

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