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Real by Katy Evans, 266 pages, read by Nikki, on 04/20/2013

RealBrooke was an Olympic competitor and had everything going for her. Until that fateful day she injured her leg in her Olympic competitions. Since then she has given up competitive running and decided on a career rehabilitating injured athletes. She ends up meeting Remington Tate, a bad boy underground fighter. She is quickly overwhelmed with desire upon first seeing him. He approaches Brooke with a kiss and gets her number. A week later, Remington has requested to meet with her and propositions her to go on tour with him as his employee. Quickly the fall for eachother, but not without some much added drama.

Let me first say that I read this book because of a review. I’ll quote the review “I am officially claiming Remington Tate as my book husband. I want to have little book babies with him.” Yes, after reading this review I knew I had to read it. While the plot was good, the main character Remington, was almost too scary for my liking. He had serious mental health issues, and it was just to bizarre to me that when he became manic for days, he wouldn’t remember what he did in that manic state. I don’t know, I mean even if the dude is incredibly good looking, I just don’t know if I could look past the mental issues. Seemed a little extreme to me. What I loved was the way they used songs to express what they were feeling for eachother. I though that was sweet and romantic, and I loved to find new songs.

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