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Ratfist by Doug TenNapel, Katherine Garner, 176 pages, read by Courtney, on 02/24/2012

This is one of those books where I’m entirely sure what was going on, but I enjoyed the journey. I’ve read TenNapel’s work before and it seemed relatively straightforward, so imagine my surprise when I come across Ratfist. We’ve got Ratfist and his sidekicks (an actual rat and the remains of Ratfist’s tail, both of which are sentient and rather talkative) and they’re trying to save the world from an evil corporation that Ratfist had initially supported until he came face to face with the repercussions. In the mix is the mysterious and completely bizarre Space Tiki who proves to be more than a bit of a catalyst for the strange events unfolding within the graphic novel.
I know that there’s probably some sort of religious message going on here, given that there’s a Bible verse at the very end and TenNapel is known for subtle allegories. In this particular offering, however, I have no idea what the actual message is. Either I’m really not up on my religious symbolism or…something. Like I said, I’m not entirely certain of what I just read. There were plenty of moments of genuine hilarity and everything about the story was so unexpected that I couldn’t stop reading.
Note: I read this via NetGalley and online reading is not my preferred method. I had some serious difficulties making out the text onscreen, so this *may* account for my lack of understanding.

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