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Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale, Nathan Hale (Illustrator), Dean Hale , 144 pages, read by Angie, on 06/24/2012

Hale and Hale and Hale (yes that is a lot of Hales and not all related) take the Rapunzel tale and spin their own yarn or hair. And their take on this story is a good one. They move Rapunzel to an American West like setting with cowboys and lassos and horses, but the basic tale is still the same. Rapunzel was stolen from her parents as a baby by an evil witch and imprisoned in a tower/castle. She eventually gets free of the tower and with the help of a male companion defeats the witch.

In Rapunzel’s Revenge, Rapunzel is raised by Mother Goetel who treats her like her own daughter, and in fact Rapunzel doesn’t know she isn’t her mother until one day when she meets her real mom who is a slave in the mines. She also discovers that Mother Goetel’s magic is draining the land of all its vitality. She stands up to Goetel but is imprisoned in a tower for years. She finally escapes and teams up with Jack (of beanstalk and golden goose fame) to stop Goetel and free her mother. They have lots of adventures and we get to see Rapunzel use her hair in all kinds of unique ways.

I love new takes on old stories and the Hales really do Rapunzel’s story justice. I like the wild west aspect of the story with Rapunzel as a wild cowgirl using her hair as a weapon and a lasso and anything else she can think of. I think this really works as a graphic novel. Hale’s illustrations are great and really tell the story that can’t be told just through words. I think fans of fairy tales and fractured fairy tales will really enjoy this one.

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