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Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Gordon Murphy, 224 pages, read by Courtney, on 08/06/2013

In the not-too-distant future, a geneticist and a TV producer will join forces to create the most polarizing reality TV show ever created. In this show, the DNA of Jesus will be used to create a clone whose life will then be broadcast the world over. A young woman is plucked from thousands of applicants to be the new “virgin” mother and an island fortress is built to house the newly fabricated family. A former IRA operative is hired to act as babysitter and bodyguard to the new Jesus.
When “J2″ airs, reactions range from outraged to adoring. Jesus as a child is charming and sweet, but when the ratings start to dip as he grows older, his mother is “cut” from the show. In retaliation, Jesus escapes the island stronghold and joins a punk band. Because that’s what you do when you’re the angst-y, overexposed, clone of the Christian world’s savior. Teens do love to rebel, right? Even if they might be regarded as the second coming of Jesus by some factions.
I must say, it’s a premise that I wasn’t sure about, but came to love. It’s darkly humorous and extremely satirical. There’s tons of action and plenty to think about, thematically. I really can’t ask for much more in a graphic novel.

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