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Privateer's Apprentice by Susan Verrico, 224 pages, read by Angie, on 09/14/2013

Jameson Cooper is the son of the best printer in Charles Towne, South Carolina. He expects to one day take over his father’s business, but that was before tragedy strikes. A plague takes the lives of his mom and dad, an unscrupulous man takes the business and Jameson finds himself on the streets. He is accused of theft and sold as an indentured servant. On an errand for his master he is shanghaied by a crewmember of the Destiny, a privateer ship for Queen Anne. Jameson is not ready for life on board a ship, especially one captained by Attack Jack, but he soon learns the ropes. He makes enemies of a couple of the crew, but is championed by the ship’s cook and first mate. Jameson learns the ropes of life on a ship and becomes trusted by the Captain, who puts his printing skills to work as ship’s artist. There are attacks by a Spanish ship, storms at sea, and so much more in this high-seas adventure.

Who doesn’t like sea battles, descriptions of weird food and life on board ship? Jameson is an interesting character who goes through a lot in this book. I’m not sure it is very realistic that the captain would trust him so much after such a short amount of time, but it made for an interesting story.

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