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Planesrunner by Ian McDonald , 274 pages, read by Angie, on 04/29/2012

Everett Singh sees his father get kidnapped; he reports it to the police but they seem to cover it up. Then he gets a mysterious computer program called the Infundibulum from his father. This is a map of all the parallel worlds that exist. Everett’s father discovered the map and a group of people want it. They kidnapped his father and now they are after him. Everett uses the map to jump to another world (there are 10 known worlds) and finds an airship crew who agrees to help him rescue his dad.

This book read very visually and kind of like a movie. I could see the action very clearly as I was reading it…and there is a lot of action in the book. The kidnapping happens at the very beginning and things just pick up from there. I love that the setting is London (even if it is London of two different worlds); this gives the book a more international feel and it helps that Everett isn’t your typical main character. He is Punjab Indian, which I thought was fantastic. Everett was a great main character even if he was a little too smart and perfect at times to be believable. He was still likable and I was able to overlook the super smarts for the most part. It was really the side characters who made this book great though. I loved the Everness crew. They were quite the collection of individuals and really fun to read about. I also enjoyed the fact that with 10 different Earths you can have 10 different histories and McDonald does a good job exploring this. The Earth Everett jumps to is very steampunky where oil was never used and everything is carbon based. There is different history (Confederate States) and McDonald did a great job integrating it into the story. I can’t wait to explore the other worlds and see where this series leads.

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