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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, 335 pages, read by Courtney, on 03/12/2012

A fun take on the paranormal genre. Evie has spent most of her life living with and working for the International Paranormal Containment Agency. She’s got a special talent that enables her to see through the glamours projected by paranormal beings. Which is handy, since her job entails tracking them down, knocking them out and tagging them so that they can be tracked (or killed if they attempt to do any harm). Most of these paranormals wind up living at and working for the IPCA, so they make up that majority of Evie’s company. All Evie really wants is a chance at being a normal teenager, not that it’s going to happen. One night, a strange shape-shifting being breaks in and life as Evie knows it begins to change.
It’s certainly entertaining enough. The storyline is considerably different from the rest of the paranormal genre, which is refreshing. Evie’s a fun character with a good sense of humor and her relationship with Lend is sweet and squeaky clean. While this is a book with fairly broad appeal, it’s not particularly thought-provoking and the cover is atrocious. I have a hard time envisioning any boys picking this one up, but since it’s on the Truman Awards list, maybe they will. Still, it’s a pretty girly pick.

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