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Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale, 323 pages, read by Angie, on 11/17/2012

Palace of Stone is the sequel to Princess Academy and it was worth the wait. it has been a year since the events in Princess Academy and the girls are on their way to Asland for Britta’s wedding to Stefan. Asland is not the magical city Miri imagined. Things are not perfect in the capital. The royal family is stiff and distant and taxing the people into poverty. The people are getting poorer and starving and things are ripe for revolution. Miri becomes involved with the revolutionaries and is torn between what she believes is right and her friends.

It is great to see the old familiar characters back again. Miri is really the star of this book and I love her journey. She comes to the city innocent but ends up the heart of the revolution. She learns a lot about herself and others and helps others do the right thing. This is a much more political book than the first one. It is all about revolution and the rights of people and the tyranny of the nobility. Miri and Britta’s have significant roles in this book but the other girls are barely present. If you didn’t know them from the previous book you would barely be able to keep track of who is who. They are really background characters wi nothing significant to say and no growth. This book also has the inevitable love triangle. It is not as obnoxious as in some books and really does seem to move the story along. Timon introduces Miri to the revolution and is very forward in his feelings for her. This is in contrast to Peder who is more quiet and steady. Miri is exposed to a new social and political climate and it changes who she is. But it also helps her realize exactly what she believes in and what is most important to her. Her journey is an interesting one and made for a good read

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