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Outbreak by Robin Cook, 352 pages, read by Angie, on 03/22/2012

There are outbreaks of Ebola all over the country. The CDC sends Dr. Blumenthal to take care of it. Of course she doesn’t get the support she needs from the upper echelon of the CDC because her superior wants to sleep with her. All the outbreaks seem to be connected. All the patient zeros attended the same conference and they were all mugged. No one will listen to Dr. Blumenthal. Then she goes rogue and she is hunted across the country by this shadowy medical group behind the outbreak.

The book was a bit lame with bits of excitement in between. It wasn’t horrible though. I have definitely read worse books. I found it hard to believe that the doctors at the CDC would be so petty that they would sexually harass and let personal feelings and grudges interfere with Ebola outbreaks around the country. I will suspend believe about the medical group behind the outbreaks. But I had a huge issue with the turnaround at the end. It was like Cook just gave up writing and decided he needed to finish the book and needed a happy ever after. Poorly done. Subject was interesting just poorly executed.

I read the ebook version of this book available through Overdrive.

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