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One Kingdom - Our Lives With Animals - The Human-Animal Bond in Myth, History, Science, and Story by Deborah Noyes, 128 pages, read by Janet, on 05/31/2012

Mankind has always wanted to know more about the animal kingdom.  Some animals have been feared, some depicted as gods, some made into pets, and others used for food.  The author tells a story of many animals as individuals or as groups, from the ancient past to the present.  Excellent photographs and drawings clearly show the animal being described.  She brings out many questions that have been asked about the relationship of humans and animals through the years.  General information about the situation is given, but readers are allowed to make their own decisions. She describes their lives in the free world and in zoos.  At the end, she lets the reader feel and see the world as an animal would, to help us understand their feelings and actions.  I found this to be a verywarm, clear description, easily understood by young readers.

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