31. October 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Memoirs, Tracy

One for the Books by Joe Queenan, 244 pages, read by Tracy, on 10/31/2012

People read books for a lot of different reasons. Joe Queenan feels most people do it to escape from reality. In this book he reveals to the reader why books are so important to him and why he usually doesn’t read books that people give him. Also that he is usually in the middle of reading over 20 books that he may not finish in several years. I may start 2 or 3 and put them down for a day or two but if I don’t like it I won’t finish it. Joe didn’t get a drivers license til his 50’s mostly because he likes to read in a bus, train, or plane. I can relate to a lot of his musings because reading is like breathing to me. You just have to do it!

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