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Odd Squad: The Bully Bait by Michael Fry, 224 pages, read by Angie, on 12/06/2013

Nick is super short kid who gets bullied by Roy. Turns out tall-girl Molly and Safety Patrol Karl are also bullied. The counselor brings them all together for Safety Patrol in the hopes that they will be stronger together. Safety Patrol becomes a lesson in spying and revenge as the kids decide to take down Roy. Nick has also been using his Memaw’s phone to text-torture Roy and chat with Becky, his alternate universe girlfriend.

Bully Bait is all about how kids are bullied at school and what happens at home and how to deal with it. It is fun, crazy and a great read. The book is illustrated throughout and will definitely appeal to Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans. Despite all the humor, there is a great message about bullying and bullies here. Nick discovers Roy isn’t the only bully at school, he only needs to look in the mirror to find another one. He also discovers that Roy isn’t all bad and that they can get along if they try. Great message and a fun read.

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