12. April 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Fiction, Melody H, Paranormal, Teen Books

Nightshade by Adrea Cremer, 454 pages, read by Melody, on 04/08/2012

What a complicated mess.  What a first blush seems like average werewolf with a heart story de-evolves into convolution.  The book begins promisingly enough with alpha wolf Bryn saving a human boy from an attacking bear even thought it goes against her pack’s laws.  She thinks she will never see him again but of course she does and falls in love with him.  Rather Romeo and Juliet with teeth and fur.  He is just a boy with an albeit mysterious guardian and she is destined to marry another alpha wolf and rule her pack.  That would have been enough for a plot but Cremer doesn’t stop there.  She throws on a secret society, an arranged marriage, sorcery, and prophecy.  Just too much for me but as Nightshade is an international bestseller, someone must like it.  

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