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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, 563 pages, read by Janet, on 07/19/2013

New Moon   This  was my first time to read any of this series where a teenage girl is drawn to a werewolf and a vampire.  Both love her and are enemies.  There are good descriptions of how they use their special powers and how the characters feel about those around them.  Bella loved life, but is temped to end it so she can join Edward, who is a vampire.  She has many adventures that endanger her life, such as learning to ride a motorcycle while listening to voices in her head, and crashing.  Of course her dad doesn’t appreciate her friends and strange adventures, but they come to agreements.  I will have to check out the next book, Eclipse, to see what is pahhening next and if Bella graduates from high school and goes to college as she planned.

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