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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, 400 pages, read by Kira, on 03/17/2013

Neverwhere1Neverwhere_Brazil_paperback_1258043916Neverwhere_Hungary Another Awesome novel by Gaiman!   Richard Mayhew leads a boring negligible life, pushed around at work and by his fiance named Jessica.  Then, though he and Jessica are running late for a critical dinner, he stops to help a bleeding unconscious street urchin, named Door, a resident of DownBelowLondon.  His involvement with this underworlder leads him to slip through the cracks and become invisible/nonexistent to the in the London Above world.  He returns to London Below , seeks out the girl Door, and persuades her to let him accompany her on her search for her parents’ killers.

Gaiman excels at worldbuilding and tangible atmosphere.  There is a steam-punk feel to this novel, though it was published in 2003, well before the steampunk craze.


I just love this author.

neverwhere5Neverwhere_PolandRadio Times 96-09-07-13-24-25 Neverwhereneverwhere2Yes there is a vampire character in the book, named Lamia.Neverwhere_Russia_1258589941

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