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Never Forget by Emma Hart, 314 pages, read by Nikki, on 04/06/2013

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image22810719Lexy Edwards is forced by her parents to spend the summer with her Grandma in Devon, England. Lexy loves her grandma but would much rather be spending her summer with her friends in London. So she’s not to excited to be spending her summer in the small beach town of Lilac Bay, Devon. Lexy is off to college after this summer and just wants to focus on school and getting her education. She’s not interested in anything else. But she soon finds her resolve slowly dissipating when she meets Alec, the town flirt. She tries to keep her distance, but he’s persistent and she soon finds herself falling for him. But what she soon finds out is that her family and the one guy she’s ever trusted as been keeping a secret from her this whole time. She then has to decide if Alec is a chance she’s willing to take in her life.

Ok I don’t know if it’s just different cultures that made this book a total turn off for me, or the fact that Lexy Edwards seemed to be about the most spoiled annoying brat I’ve ever read. She just seemed so ungrateful and full of herself. It was rather difficult for me to get through this book. It may also be that she was so young and I’m not really into reading about teen love stories much anymore. Either way, the ending was nice, and I’m happy there isn’t a sequel to this book…not that I would read it anyway.

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