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My Summer of Pink & Green by Lisa Greenwald, 272 pages, read by Angie, on 01/22/2014

Lucy’s dream summer is not turning out the way she planned. Her sister Claudia is back from college, but instead of spending all summer sharing secrets by the pool Claudia is hanging out with her boyfriend Bean. Lucy’s best friend Sunny is wrapped up in her boyfriend Eric and the boy Lucy likes is giving her mixed signals. Lucy thought she would be helping turn the Pink and Green Spa into a reality, but feels pushed out by all the adults working on the project. To make things even worse she is stuck with Bevin, who is embarrassing and hangs around Lucy all the time. Can Lucy turn things around?

This is the sequel to My Life in Pink and Green and picks up shortly after the ending of that book. The spa is becoming a reality and Lucy is still trying to make things happen. She has a lot going on in this book and learns some lessons about herself and those around her. Lucy definitely grows up a bit in this book. I enjoyed the first book and I enjoyed this one as well. I think this is a good series for girls. The situations are all pretty realistic and there is also information about green initiatives.

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