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Mrs. Jeffries Weeds The Plot by Emily Brightwell, 214 pages, read by Tracy, on 09/09/2012

Inspector Witherspoon inherited his house and a substantial¬† fortune from his aunt along with several servants. Being a bachelor he really didn’t need all the staff but they realized he needed them helping with his murder investigations. Mrs. Jeffries and the downstairs help all enjoy the snooping they do. Inspector Witherspoon is a good investigator but he is a little naive at times and doesn’t realize they are helping him. When a neighbors dog finds a dead body and then has a few unexplained accidents she asks the staff to help find out if the incidents are related. When another dead body is discovered Witherspoon is brought in to head the investigation.I guess you could call this a cozy mystery since they are easy to follow and a lot of fun. I’ve read most of this series,¬† there are 23, this books is available thru Mobius.

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