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Mr. Terupt Falls Again by Rob Buyea, 368 pages, read by Angie, on 11/01/2012

Mr. Terupt and the gang are back again. They have all moved on to sixth grade together. Mr. Terupt has recovered from his injury but still seems shaky; he has dizzy spells and stutters. Peter is still trying to get over his guilt. Lexie is growing up too fast, hanging out with high school kids and stuffing her bra. Danielle is worried about a secret her family is keeping from her. Luke wants to be a detective this year and has all kinds of things to investigate. Anna is ready to learn about her dad. Jessica sees everything through a camera lens. And Jeffery is finally getting his parents back.

Mr. Terupt’s lessons are awesome as they read wonderful books throughout the year. The book is set up with each of the kids narrating their own experiences. These sometimes overlap but it does help give a wider view of the story. All the kids are growing up and dealing with more and more things. Danielle and Lexie get their periods. Peter and Jeffery work out their issues by starting wrestling. Anna and her mom start volunteering at a nursing home.

I really enjoy the Mr. Terupt books. I think they are wonderful and really show kids how they are at that age. They are fast reads with the short chapters. I am not sure I liked this book as well as the first. I think there was more emotion in the first one; not that this book isn’t good. Sometimes I also felt like the kids were not talking or thinking like sixth graders. Some of the vocabulary and the way they said things just seemed a little older to me. But in other ways the kids are so typically sixth graders. It is a puzzle.

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