19. September 2013 · Comments Off · Categories: Children's Books, Fiction, Sarah

Mr. Terupt Falls Again by Rob Buyea, 356 pages, read by Sarah, on 09/14/2013

This sequel is good, but not as engaging as the first one (Because of Mr. Terupt).  Mr. Terupt is a teacher who gets to move up with his fifth graders into the sixth grade and his projects are just as challenging as last year.  The same seven students are followed with many storylines including getting in with the wrong crowd, abandonment, ladies growing up, finding out truths from the past, and land wars.  Each of the children mature even more this year and have a special project planned for the end of the year that will leave everyone smiling.  I recommend it, but…I listened to it with my 4th grade son and 6th grade daughter.  A few parts made me uncomfortable to hear with my son, but he took it in stride.  Guess mom needs to grow up!

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