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Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal, 308 pages, read by Courtney, on 02/17/2013

Elvie is 16 and pregnant. Since this is 2074, options for pregnant teens include things like low-orbit space ships that are retrofitted as boarding schools for pregnant teenaged girls. Elvie’s father decided she should take that option and Elvie doesn’t really care, so long as she can give birth as quickly and painlessly as possible, give the baby up for adoption and get back to studying for the PSATs. Life on board the Echidna wouldn’t be so terrible if a)Elvie’s arch-nemesis, Britta, wasn’t also on board and b)a troop of laser-gun wielding guys hadn’t taken over the ship. Britta’s your classic mean-girl-cheerleader type and she’s been hating on Elvie since they were kids. To make matters worse, Britta’s baby-daddy is the same as Elvie’s. The guys with the laser guns aren’t terrible, but their ship blows up right after they board and the Echidna begins leaking oxygen at an alarming rate. In the meantime, laser-gun-guys have some revelations for the girls that will change their lives forever. Assuming, you know, they survive this ordeal.
Elvie is a super-fun narrator, she’s about the snarkiest of the snarky and I love her for it. Britta is annoyingly evil as is her pal, Other Cheerleader (so dubbed due to her complete lack of independent personality). Baby-daddy Cole is a *mostly* loveable buffoon that Elvie can’t help but fall for. The plot moves at light-speed and the humor never lets up. There’s some subtly smart stuff going on that just might make the reader rethink how they view personhood. Awesome! I’m very interested to see where this series is headed.

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