12. May 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Courtney, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Horror, Teen Books

Morning Glories by Nick Spencer, 352 pages, read by Courtney, on 05/11/2012

6 kids have been selected to become students at the prestigious Morning Glory Prep School. It’s a boarding school that claims to prepare its students for a “better future”, but one of the students notices that something is awry almost immediately when she realizes that not only do all 6 of the newcomers have the same birthday, they also cannot reach their parents or anyone from home. These kids have no idea why they’ve been selected, other than for their sheer over-achievement and no idea what the school is trying to accomplish. What they do figure out, quite quickly, I might add, is that the school has a deeply sinister side with motivations yet to be seen. As the arc progresses, we find out more about each student and their troubled pasts.
I’m still not sure how everything fits together yet, but this is a pretty exciting beginning to a story that will undoubtedly have much more to offer

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