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More Than This by Patrick Ness, 480 pages, read by Angie, on 08/31/2013

Seth wakes up outside his childhood home in England. This wouldn’t be unusually except Seth just died. He can vividly remember drowning, and his family moved to Washington years ago. So why is Seth naked outside of an abandoned house in England? And why is everything deserted and desolate and empty. There is no one else in this world and Seth has no idea what is going on. One thing he does know is he doesn’t like to sleep because sleep brings dreams of his life before and the reasons he killed himself.

This book is part mystery, part science fiction, part dystopian and a whole lot of fun. I think the magic of Patrick Ness is that he never really gives you all the information; you have to decide what you think is going on and what happens at the end. I loved the dual story lines as we learn about Seth’s past and his present and what may or may not have happened to the world. Very intriguing story that will leave you wanting more.

I got this ARC from Courtney who got it at ALA 2013. Thanks!

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