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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, 390 pages, read by Andrea, on 03/02/2012

MockingjayThe last book in the Hunger Games series was rather violent. I guess I should have expected that from a society that ultimately used children’s lives for sport and entertainment. Even after her part in the Hunger Games’ arena is over, Katniss finds herself “back in the arena again”, as she is forced to face the same horrors as she did during the Games. She makes some horribly tough choices about survival, friendship, and trust. The book pretty much focused on her and her role as the face of the rebel revolution. It was more intense and detailed than the first two books. I felt as if those focused more on character development and description of the games while the last just focused on the vivid gore of the rebel revolution and their plans to expose the horrors of the Capitol. It seemed that, overall, the series was showing its readers the dangers of a leader and how vulnerable we can be to its decisions and desires.


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