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Miracle by Elizabeth Scott , 224 pages, read by Angie, on 12/04/2012

I have to say that Elizabeth Scott always knows how to hit you where it counts. I haven’t read all of her books but the ones I have pack an emotional punch. I really appreciate the “realness” of her books and the brevity in which she conveys such complex ideas. Her books might not be for everyone since they are often dark and depressing, but they are wonderfully written and well worth the read.

Miracle is about Miracle Megan. She is the only survivor of a plane crash she can’t remember. Everyone thinks she is a miracle and treats her as such. No one sees the real her; the girl who is traumatized and not dealing with her post traumatic stress at all. She is dropping out of life and no one seems to notice. She has quit soccer, she quit homework and is failing all her classes, she has abandoned her friends and is quite alone. Her parents and teachers are just letting everything slide; they do not want to admit or see that something might be wrong with Megan. The only one she can talk to is elderly Margaret from her church and her neighbor Joe. Both of them know something about trauma and being marginalized by their community.

Megan’s story is so interesting and compelling. She is not a very likable character or someone you can necessarily empathize with, but you keep reading because you become invested in her story. You want to know if her parent’s are ever going to react to her behavior. You want to know if there are going to be consequences for her school situation. You want to know if she will ever remember the crash and be able to deal with it. I think Scott does a masterful job in creating a character who is suffering from PTSD. This is not something a lot of books deal with and I think Megan is a great way to learn about the disorder. I also think Scott does a wonderful job in creating secondary characters, which is something that is often overlooked in books. Megan’s parents, brother, Margaret, Joe and Megan’s friends are all as well written and conceived as Megan herself. You feel like you know these people and what they are all about. I also love that Scott is able to put so much into her books in such few pages. All her books are brief but concise and so well written you really can’t put them down.

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