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May B. by Caroline Starr Rose , 240 pages, read by Angie, on 11/17/2012

May lives on the Kansas prairie with her family. In order to earn some extra money her family sends her to live with a neighbor for a few months. The Oblingers are newlyweds and the misses does not like life on the prairie. May keeps house for them and does chores. Everything is fine until the day Mrs. Oblinger runs off and Mr. Oblinger follows her. May is left alone in their sod house with little food or fuel and winter approaching. She has to rely on herself to survive.

This is a novel told in verse and that format works really well for May’s story. The sparse poems really help to invoke May’s sense of isolation and loneliness. The novel not only deals with her isolation on the prairie, but also her reading problems. May is very smart, but has dyslexia and has lots of problems reading. One of her teachers was very supportive, but her other does nothing but humiliate her. May wants to be a teacher but how can she if she can’t read.

May is a strong determined young lady who is in an impossible situation. Her story told in verse is engrossing and charming. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of verse and historical fiction.

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