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May B. by Caroline Starr Rose, 231 pages, read by Kristin, on 10/26/2013

First impression, the style of the book drove me nuts!  The story is written in the form of a poem: short lines, stanzas, etc.  Seriously, it took me two-thirds of the way through the book to get used to it.  That being said, it was a quick read.  I read it aloud to my daughter in 2 hours in one sitting.

Mavis Betterly, May, has a few problems.  She doesn’t do well in school and she wants to be a teacher. Her parents have pulled her from school and hired her out to another family.  The couple leaves her and she is forced to survive on her own for 5 months until her father is supposed to come and pick her up for Christmas.

May does a good deal of growing up in the time she’s alone and eventually decides that she is in charge of what happens to her.

I like the idea of the story.  It is set in Kansas as the West is being settled in the late 1800’s.  The story has kind of a Little House on the Prairie vibe, which I like and May is a strong character.  These are the selling points.  The format took away from the story in my opinion.  I wish I had picked up the audio version.  I think I would’ve liked it better.

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