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Magisterium by Jeff Hirsch, 310 pages, read by Leslie, on 09/18/2013


In the twenty-second century, Glennora Morgan’s father has been working on a project that will allow him to penetrate the Rift border and retrieve Glennora’s mother; but now that he has succeeded the Authority is suddenly trying to kill them both, and Glennora and her friend Kevin must flee into the Magisterium to escape them.

I guess this would qualify as dystopian, although I am not really sure it takes place on Earth, it never really states that in the book.  If you like books that blend the magical with the ordinary, then you will enjoy this one. Glennora has dreams of space flight to another planet but cannot forget her mother, who disappeared.  Her father makes her life difficult by focusing on an unknown project that ultimately changes the course of her life forever.  You will have to read it to find out if her dream of space travel ever become reality.

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