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Lulu Walks the Dog by Judith Viorst, Lane Smith (Illustrator), 144 pages, read by Angie, on 01/17/2013

Lulu is back! After her adventures in Lulu and the Brontosaurus with Mr. B., she has vowed not to be as big of a pain but only a sometimes pain. In this adventure Lulu wants a super special thing. Her parents tell her no over and over no matter what strategies Lulu uses to convince them. The finally tell her she will have to pay for it herself. So what is Lulu going to do? Walk dogs of course. Does Lulu know anything about dogs? Not a thing but how hard can it be? Lulu gets three dog walking jobs: first there is Brutus, an enormous, bigheaded, bad-breathed brute. Next is Pookie (rhymes with duke not book!) a teeny-tiny white puffball who has to be held. Finally there is Cordelia, a dachshund who loves to hide. Lulu is in trouble from the very first day but luckily she has Fleischman to help her. Fleischman is the most perfect kid in the world and Lulu can’t stand him, but she also can’t work without him so he becomes her assistant. Together they make a great team, but Lulu is still a pain so of course there are problems.

I absolutely love Lulu. These books are hilarious; mainly because the author interjects throughout the story. I love the timeouts and the “I really don’t feel like discussing that right now” interjections. Lane Smith’s illustrations perfectly complement Judith Viorst’s text. I think this is a wonderful collaboration and I can’t wait to see what these two come up with next. This is a very short book and can be read pretty quickly so I urge everyone to fall in love with Lulu!

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