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Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst, Lane Smith , 128 pages, read by Angie, on 06/23/2012

Lulu gets what she wants and want she wants for her birthday is a pet brontosaurus. But her parents don’t want to get her a brontosaurus for her birthday! So Lulu throws a FIT (yes fit with a capital F). When the FIT doesn’t work Lulu decides to find her own brontosaurus. She packs a bag and heads out into the woods. Nothing scares Lulu; in fact, after meeting her many things are scared of Lulu. She squeezes a snake, hits a tiger with her suitcase and stomps a bear’s foot. Then she finds her brontosaurus. But it turns out the brontosaurus doesn’t want to be Lulu’s pet he wants her for his pet. Now the tables are turned and Lulu doesn’t want to be a pet. She has to get away from the brontosaurus and find her way home.

How I enjoyed this little book. Lulu is an awesome character and Lane Smith’s drawings really bring her to life. She is tiny but spunky and really the fiercest thing in the forest. I loved Judith Viorst’s rhymes and songs and story. It had a great message without being messagey. I also really enjoyed the narrators interjections and asides. They really made the story for me, and of course the multiple endings were very Scooby-Doo…got to love that!

I would definitely recommend this book for beginning chapter book readers or just anyone who wants a fun story.

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