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Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott, 276 pages, read by Angie, on 01/25/2013

Amy and Julia are best friends. They don’t need anyone else. They like to party and drink. One night they are in a car accident and Julia dies. This is Amy’s story and how she comes to grips with her survivor guilt. Even though Julia was driving, Amy believes that she killed her. She encouraged her to leave the party where they found Julia’s boyfriend Kevin cheating on her. She encouraged her to get in the car and drive. Our story starts months after the accident as Amy is being released from rehab. She has to deal with going back to school without Julia, with her parents sudden interest in her life, with her therapist and with her own guilt. Amy starts writing to Julia and through her letters she realizes things about herself, Julia and their relationship. The end of the story is not necessarily a happy ending, but it leaves Amy in a much better place than she began.

I really love Elizabeth Scott’s books. They are dark and depressing and real. In some ways, Amy is your typical teen girl. She is dark and moody and depressed; she likes to drink and party. Yet she is different because she has to live with the guilt of Julia’s death. Right or not her belief in being the cause of Julia’s death makes her who she is. She was always part of a pair and now she has to learn to survive on her own. I think her reactions and the reactions of those around her were pretty spot on. Did I want to slap some sense into Amy at times? Of course! She is not the most likable of characters. But her journey of recovery is an interesting one. I don’t think this is Scott’s best story, but it is compelling in its way.

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