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Lost and Found by Shaun Tan, 128 pages, read by Angie, on 01/10/2012

Shaun Tan is extremely talented. His work just blows me away. I thought this collection of stories was very powerful. and the illustrations are magnificent. Tan is like a strange cooky version of Dr. Seuss; he is whimsical and there is just so much going on in the pictures. You want to pour over them for a long while. The three stories in this book are all variations of loss and finding your place in the world. The first “The Red Flower” deals with a girl’s depression and the darkness and loneliness she feels, but there is hope in the end. The second story “the Lost Thing” is my favorite about a lost something that is found by a boy. He wants to take care of it and find it a home and he eventually does find it a place with others of its own kind. This story deals with conformity and pushing things into the dark if they don’t fit in. “The Rabbits” is probably the most obvious allegory tale of the three. It deals with a population being invaded by colonists. It is a perfect story to go with lessons on Native Americans. They are driven from their homes and lands and pretty much decimated by the invaders. Tan’s strength really lies with the illustrations though. They bring the stories to life in their own whimsical way. Very enjoyable book that you want to read over and over.

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