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Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth by Jon Chad, 36 pages, read by Angie, on 02/05/2013

This book just looks intriguing at first glance. It is a different size and format than your normal book. I really loved that you start reading the book like normal and then turn it on end and then in the middle you turn it again. I like the fact that the text mimics the journey through the earth. At the beginning this seems like a very nice scientific little book. There are lots of facts about the earth as Leo starts his journey. Then all of the sudden there are monsters and magic daggers and that is where you lost me. I don’t think this book really knew where it wanted to go. Was it a fantasy about monsters in the middle of the earth or was it a informative book dealing with the science of how the earth is made? I really wish it would have stuck with one or the other and not attempted so much. I also wish there would have been color. The drawings are very interesting and well done, but they tended to blend together since it was all black and white ink drawings. Spots of color would have been a real asset. Probably my favorite things about this book were Leo’s exclamations: Napping Newtons, Galloping Galileos. Seriously! Those are awesome.

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