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The Legend of Diamond Lil by Doreen Cronin, 126 pages, read by Melody, on 04/17/2012

Darling book by Doreen Cronin, author of many hilarious books like Diary of a Worm and Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type,is about a retired search and rescue dog who is living the suburban life and trying to keep the chickens in line.  In  the second book of the series, the first is the highly recommended The Trouble with Chickens, a beautiful new dog has moved in next door.  The chickens are entranced with her but J.J. has reservations, how could any dog be that shiny and is posture really important?  Throw in a persistent opossum and J.J. has his paws full.  Very funny and fast paced with great illustrations. 

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