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Legend by Marie Lu, 305 pages, read by Angie, on 03/06/2012

Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal. June is the agent sent to capture him. She thinks he killed her brother. He just wants to protect his family. He comes from the slums; she is one of the elite. When their world’s collide they will uncover the hidden truths about the Republic.

I thought this book was fantastic. Dystopian is really my favorite genre but sometimes it gets to be a little repetitive and overdone. Lu does a fantastic job of taking ideas we see a lot (corrupt government, bad military, rebels, etc.) and making it her own and interesting. This is the beginning of a series so she is saving up a lot of her world building explanations, but what she included here she did really well. She built the world building into the plot instead of doing a lot of info dumping exposition which can drag you out of the story. Everything seemed to flow really well and fit into the plot where she revealed it.

I especially liked the main characters of June and Day. They told the story in alternating narratives and I thought that worked really well. We got their differing tales so it seemed like we were getting the whole story not just one side of it. And the characters were great. They were both smart and fun and who you would want on your side if you were rebelling against the government. I have to admit that certain points of the plot were a little obvious (who actually killed June’s brother, the plagues, John), but that didn’t detract from the story. The story was gripping and moved at such a good pace that I just wanted it to keep going. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series.

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