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Leave me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn, 276 pages, read by Nikki, on 02/24/2013

Leave me BreathlessMacy Rogers had a one night fling with Seth Warren a few months ago in the back seat of her car. She hasn’t seen him since. Until Valentines Day night her friends force her to go out where they purposely set up Seth to be. Even after those months passed, Macy and Seth are still attracted to eachother and seem to lose themselves in eachother. Macy is all country while Set is all heavy metal and tattoos. They decide to try and be in a relationship not knowing if they’ll survive when their world are so completely different.

This is an opposites attract kind of book. Of course I love a good tatted bad boy, so I was pretty into this book. Macy is born and raised in Texas, and she is a strong woman who doesn’t put up with anything. At first I thought she was a bit of a prude but then realized why she was the way she was. Both characters have issues that the other is helping them cope with. It’s a good love story with steamy good sex scenes.

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