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Jupiter's Bones by Faye Kellerman, 375 pages, read by Leslie, on 11/20/2013


When Dr. Emil Euler Ganz — a brilliant luminary in the complex fields of cosmology and astrophysics — walked away from accolades and honors, disappearing into thin air twenty-five years ago, his colleagues’ tongues wagged, and rumors abounded. Ten years later, when Ganz reemerged as guru Father Jupiter, leader of the notorious cult the Order of the Rings of God, speculation about his sanity was rampant. But when Ganz is found dead, gossip and wild conjecture are the only clues available to LAPD lieutenant Peter Decker as he faces his most shocking case to date.

I’ve gone back and revisited a favorite author to read some books I’ve skipped over.  I love her books.  She has the right amount of mystery, suspense, light moments and the connection between her characters.  It gives some insight into cults and how they can attract the doubtful fringes of society, both good and bad.  You can see how some people are trapped in them and how the outside world wonders about why they exist.  A good mystery with plenty of twists.

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