24. February 2013 · 1 comment · Categories: Fiction, Joyce, Romance, Teen Books

Jane by April Lindner, 369 pages, read by Joyce, on 02/17/2013

As a high school student I read Jane Eyre.  Jane, a retelling of that story in a modern day situation intrigued me to its end, although I felt the conclusion of this Jane was more satisfying.  The growing romance between Jane and the rock star Nico kept me reading even though some elements of the plot did not seem believable.  It’s difficult to keep secrets in a present day mansion with intercom, the visiting media crew, journalists, and photographers at every corner.  Jane Eyre captured that secrecy and shame theme in jane longa more believable way.

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  1. MRRL Staff says:

    I see other reviewers agree wholeheartedly with your criticism.