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Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth, 525 pages, read by Andrea, on 10/19/2012

Tris Prior is back and life is just as bad as it was in the last book for her. Her life as a new Dauntless initiate has been turned upside down from the battle between the seemingly innocent Abnegation and the rogue Erudite/Dauntless army led by the evil Jeanine (leader of the Erudites). Her parents and good friend are dead and it seems Tobias is barely speaking to her. From the second book, it is clear that the Abnegation used to have something secret that the Erudite didn’t want any faction to know. Abnegation, being the selfless types they are, believed it was the people’s right within each faction to know what was being kept secret for so long. Whatever the secret is has Erudite all bothered and willing to kill innocent people just to make sure it is destroyed. Sadly, it ended with another cliffhanger and has left me wanting more information about why the four factions were started in the first place and how important the Divergent, which is what Tris is, are to all four factions and possibly all of humanity. Here’s to waiting for Fall 2013.

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