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Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis, 318 pages, read by Nikki, on 01/05/2013

KatInstant Attractionie Kramer lives her life carefully. She’s grown bored with her everyday routine but has no plan to change it. Until one day driving to work the bridge she and other commuters are on gives out. She’s the only survivor. After the accident Katie decides to live “balls out” (let me point out that is the exact wording from the book, as I would never say that…ever) and moves to Sierra Madre mountains. The complete opposite of L.A. There she gets a job with Wilder Adventures. In the middle of the night she is woken by a very attractive man, Cameron Wilder. Cameron has returned after a year of disappearing from his family after his snowboarding accident. Cameron and Katie are both instantly attracted to eachother but neither one of them wants to commit. So the rest of the Wilder family decide to push the two into realizing they should be together.

This book was ok. It satisfied me until I found another book to read. I did like Katie’s personality. I get tired of reading romances with helpless women who get pushed around and told what to do all the time. So her character was refreshing in that she was dealt a tragedy and went the route of rising above it.

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