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Incarnate by Jodi Meadows, 374 pages, read by Angie, on 03/08/2013

In the world of Range in the city of Heart no one truly dies. They are born, they age and they die, but they are reincarnated into a new body each time. Their souls never die and they are born with all the knowledge of their previous lives. This has been the way of life for over 5000 years until one day a new soul is born. Ana is on her first (and maybe only) life; she has taken the place of Ciana who’s soul did not reincarnate. This event is met with fear from the citizens. Ana is raised by her mother Li who despises her. When she turns 18, Ana strikes off on her own. She wants to find out more about herself and why she was born. Along the way she is rescued by Sam who takes her under his care. They arrive in Heart and start investigating Ana’s life. But all is not easy, most of the people fear or hate Ana for what she is. They call her no soul. The more Ana discovers the more dangerous it becomes.

This is such a unique world. I really enjoyed the fact that Meadows spent a lot of time on her world-building. The world of Range really comes alive. You can feel how long-lived these people are (even though they live normal lifespans) and you can feel how stagnant their society is because of their reincarnations. They don’t have to worry about death because they know they will come back. They know they will find their lovers and their friends again; they have lifetimes to perfect their skills.

Ana is an interesting character who because of her upbringing is very prickly and defensive. She and Sam naturally start falling in love, but she cannot forget how long he has lived compared to her and he is hesitant in their relationship. I like how their relationship progresses slowly but naturally. It is not as annoying as a lot of romances in these books. This is an interesting world and the end of the book definitely opened up possibilities for further stories.

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