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Hounded by Kevin Hearne, 289 pages, read by Angie, on 10/28/2012

Atticus is the last Druid; he might look 21 but he is actually 2100 years old. He is living in Arizona and running an occult book store. He is surrounded by colorful characters like his lawyers, a team of werewolves and a vampire; and his neighbor Mrs. MacDonagh who likes whiskey and hates the Bris; and his dog Oberon, obsessed with French poodles and able to talk to Atticus. Atticus’s world isn’t all that safe at the moment though. He stole a sword from a god long ago and that god wants it back. Then there is the coven of witches who may or may not be working against him.

I really enjoy these kinds of books. They are light reads but really keep your attention. Atticus is a fun character who has not let his 21 centuries bring him down. He fits in with modern life and has a wicked sense of humor. I really enjoyed the fact that as a Druid his magic comes from the Earth — it is not really flashy or anything but a quieter magic that can still do some damage. And I loved getting all the info on the Celtic gods. There were lots of them running around in this book and while I might not be able to pronounce all the Irish words I liked that it was a different pantheon from most books. But really two characters stole the show in this book. Mrs. MacDonagh was a hoot! I loved every scene she was in and the fact that she drank whiskey before church and didn’t blink when Atticus killed someone in front of her. She is a tough old broad and I loved her. But the real star of this book was the Irish wolfhound Oberon. You could tell that he was truly Atticus’s best friend and their relationship and interactions was great. I loved that he wanted to be Genghis Khan and had an obsession with French poodles. I also loved his commentary on the other characters in the book.

This is a great start to a series and I will definitely check out the others.

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